Yo ho ho, and a barrel of … whisky!

The International Tasting
This month we set sail on a rare voyage to explore six whiskies from four continents.
Journey with us and our admiral Lord Nelson, as we seek out exotic drams from faraway lands.

These whiskies are made by people who are innovative by necessity and inclination, or from different distilling traditions.
It would be pointless to try and reproduce the dominant style, so they will use different yeasts, mashes, peat, and wood, reflecting their own location.
By the end of the evening you might see Scotch malts in a whole new context – and this is just a glimpse at what’s out there to be discovered.
Sweden: Mackmyra Special 04 / Double Dip Bourbon
Starts life in Kentucky Bourbon casks but finishes in hand-made 30-litre casks of new Swedish oak (planted to build warships 160 years ago), deep within a rocky mine.
France: Kornog Breton Peated, Glann ar Mor
Right by the sea, founded as a “crazy dream” in 2005 by an advertising executive.
A French Kilchoman, fresh, smoky and fragrant.  “An important new whisky” – Dave Broom.
Czech Republic: Hammer Head 1989
Made from Czech grain and matured in Czech wood. In late 1989 the Wall fell and the whisky was forgotten, left to sleep in the cellars in its unique casks for 20 years but recently re-awoken.
South Africa: Three Ships 10 y/o
South Africa is more traditionally associated with brandy than whisky, but this multi-medal winning single malt from near the Cape scored 91 in Jim Murray’s 2012 “Whisky Bible”.
Tasmania: Sullivan’s Cove Double Cask
Unpeated and designed to carry through the flavours of the Australian bush.  Matured in French and American oak casks.
Japan: Nikka All Malt
Blending single malts from two distilleries, including some whisky made in a Coffey still.
Date: Weds 30th May, gathering from 7:30pm for an 8pm start.
Venue: Back room of The Lord Nelson, Trafalgar Street, Brighton.
Cost: £15 – or £20 if you come dressed as Cap’n Jack Sparrow.
Sign-up here: http://j.mp/MnC-300512
Press gang your mates.
(PS our next tasting date for your diary: Wednesday 4th July)