Fantastic Festive Extravaganza!

Roll up, roll up, for the Malt’n’Copper festive extravaganza!

We strive to make our final tasting of each year a little special. This year’s tops the lot!

We’ve chosen Hotel du Vin as the venue, which allows us to include a delicious meal as part of the evening’s package, and to accommodate more of you for the tasting.

We’re proud to announce that your host for the evening will be Malt’n’Copper founder Kami Newton, who will be travelling down from Edinburgh especially for the event.

The tasting will focus on the Scottish Malt Whisky Society’s unique single cask bottlings. Kami will guide us through the whiskies and show us why single cask bottlings are so exciting – how they can reveal what whisky can taste like, rather than what the distilleries think their whiskies should taste like. We will be looking at aroma and flavour from a completely different angle.

Being part of the SMWS is an aspiration for whisky lovers around the world. Once you’ve tried a few of their amazing bottles your perspective on whisky may never be the same. As a member of the Society’s tasting panel, Kami will offer an insider view of how SMWS works, some history about the Society – and even a special deal on its membership!

The tasting will be comprised of five stunning, single cask, cask strength, one-off SMWS bottlings:

  • Longmorn 8 year old Bourbon barrel
  • Springbank 11 year old wine cask
  • Port Charlotte 9 year old Bourbon hogshead
  • Invergordon 18 year old new toasted oak
  • Glencadam 13 year old Sherry puncheon

Join us on Wednesday 14th December from 7:30pm until 11pm at:

  • Hush Heath, Hotel du Vin, Ship Street, Brighton.

The hotel is easy to find whether travelling by bike, foot, bus, or sleigh (note: reindeer parking is strictly limited).

We are able to offer both the meal and the tasting for just £25 per person.

So bring your empty bellies, your open minds (and a little extra cash for the *raffle*!), and celebrate with us.


Well there it was, the big event of the year! For 2011 we decided to go all-out-no-half-measures tastorama with our biggest event to date (no less than 45 Malt’n Coppists) all in one room…. anything could happen. The venue as it happens was the very lovely Hotel du Vin in Brighton who put on some fine food and superb surroundings to frame what was to be an evening of rainbow colours and fabulous taste extremities.

In conjunction with The Scotch Malt Whisky Society we laid on 5 of their finest drams hand picked by yours truly to demonstrate the huge variety in the form we know as whisky. The entire point of the event was to display what whisky can taste like in the form of odd-ball single casks as opposed to the blended profiles present on the supermarket shelves. A different side to what we all too often take for granted. With so many bottlings kicking around it’s great to share a few true one-off drams from single casks at cask strength. This is what whisky is about for me, a unique experience shared amongst many. All of the malts rocked the house but I am pleased to say it was the single grain from Invergordon that really blew some fuses. Huzzah for the grains!

Each member had their very own set of colour cards presented in front of them in true rainbow stylee. Heads scratched, questions were asked and experiments ensued to ascertain the use of these objects. In an attempt to simplify whisky flavour a few experiments and projects have been deployed on the general public which I feel have helped but are missing the point. It’s the process that is confusing. How many people are familiar with separating aromas and isolating a particular sense. This is where the colours come in. Rather than talking about specific aromas or flavours I talk about memories. Aromas and memories are processed in the same part of the brain which is why images spring to mind when we re-encounter a scent. The cards are there to put those memories into a visual format, to help folks to express them in the simplest way. At the end of the day it’s fun. No-one comes for a lecture, you come to be entertained which is what I think a lot of people loose track of. And we had a lot of fun, the pictures say it all.

Thank you to everyone who came along and made it a truly memorable evening. Congratulations to all those who won some of the particularly fabulous prizes this year. And thank you for all of your support of Malt’n Copper and the future of whisky. Wishing you a very spirited and colourful 2012, see you at a tasting soon.

Kami Newton